Libsyn Podcast Storage

Our plans are all about storage and features.

Monthly Storage is the amount of new content you can upload each calendar month. If you have the Libsyn $15 plan you can upload 324MB of new content each month. The storage quota for each account is reset on the 1st of the month. Once your quota resets your files from the last month no longer count against quota.

With Libsyn there is never a need to pull down old files because of storage issues.

Files archive automatically at the end of each calendar month and your storage quota is reset.

Files include your episode files and any extras like images and PDFs you are also uploading in a calendar month. How your audio files are encoded affects the size of the resulting audio file you will upload to Libsyn. We recommend the following encoding settings for spoken word podcasts.

When your files archive they are still available to your audience and in your feed, they just no longer count against your current month's storage quota.

The size of your files depends on your encoding. Below is our recommendation for audio. ​

Spoken Word Shows:
Stereo Bit Rate – 192 kbps (In Mono this gets cut in half)
Sample Rate – 44.1 kHz
Channels – Mono

Music Shows:
Stereo Bit Rate – 128 kbps
Sample Rate – 44.1 kHz
Channels – Stereo
Stereo Mode – Joint Stereo

The average, properly encoded audio file will range around .5MB - 1MB per minute of recorded audio. To give an example, if you publish 3 hour long episodes every week of the month, you would need at least a $15 plan.

Find more on file encoding visit our Recommended File Formats & Encoding article.

Some examples of podcasters at each of our plan levels.