Open to New Ideas

The openness of the MOBOTIX 7 platform delivers ultimate individuality. MOBOTIX 7 will change video surveillance. It provides an infinite number of possibilities. The MOBOTIX 7 system platform already includes special apps that cover a significant number of industry-specific, individual requirements. In addition, the platform is open for apps developed by our partners and customers. This is how new solutions are created all the time. The possibilities now grow with the customer's needs.


Certified Apps

Cyber secure and individual solutions

Certified Apps are professional, deep learning based MOBOTIX apps and solutions from renowned partners that are explicitly verified and certified by MOBOTIX. All Certified Apps meet the highest cyber security requirements. Thanks to their high modularity, customers can use exactly the apps in their video systems that they need to meet their requirements. The Certified Apps are all pre-installed on the MOBOTIX M73 and can be can be trialed free of charge for 30 days. The selection of apps will grow with the requirements.


All Certified Apps

Custom Apps

Create your own solution

It is possible for partners, customers or users to develop and program their own solutions based on the MOBOTIX Software Development Kit (SDK). They can use them as "Custom Apps" for special requirements. If they are certified by MOBOTIX, other customers can also purchase them too as "Certified Apps." Developers can therefore open up additional sources of income with attractive “Custom Apps”.



Custom Apps

The MOBOTIX 7 Camera Apps

Versatile software for exciting applications

  • MOBOTIX 7 App: MxAnalytics AI - Object Detection

  • App AI-FaceDetect-Deep

  • App AI-Crowd-Deep Social Distancing

  • App AI-Crowd-Deep Counting

MOBOTIX High-End Videosysteme

Modular IoT cameras - precisely configurable for your requirements

S74 – Discreet. Versatile. Outstanding 

You may not see it, but it's definitely there! More flexible than ever before and virtually invisible with embedded housing possibilities. You can position four independent modules (optical and function modules) to focus on specific areas. All in one system — all in the MOBOTIX S74. Equipped with state- of-the-art processors, advanced cyber security and unsurpassed image quality with optimized WDR and increased ultra-low-light image sensors. The MOBOTIX S74 can be integrated into the open MOBOTIX 7 platform with its range of analytic apps for each specific requirement.  



The M73 – adamantly compact with 3 modules

The M73 is the innovative pioneer of the MOBOTIX 7 series. The state-of-the-art IP video system opens up new possibilities. All in the tradition of the original. And yet completely new and unique. The M73 is extremely compact yet delivers a stand-out performance, thanks in particular to the powerful Quad-Core-ARM Cortex-A53 processor. The camera offers space for three sensor or function modules. This makes the M73 more versatile and flexible than any other MOBOTIX camera before it. 


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